Covid Policy

The outlined measures below will be in place until the end of the Autumn Term 2020

What the Nursery Will Do
The children’s safety and well-being is our main priority as a staff team and all appropriate measures will be taken to support this.
Any staff experiencing symptoms will self-isolate for 7 days. Anyone living with someone who is experiencing symptoms will self-isolate for at least 14 days.
Use the test booking portal system to book COVID 19 Tests for staff with suspected cases:
Parents will be notified of any confirmed cases of Coronavirus via the text messaging system and a sign on the door
A confirmed case or outbreak will be reported to the Local Authority and Public Health England in line with Government guidance and will require the group of children the child was in (bubble) and all staff/children to self-isolate. We will also review if the rest of the nursery needs to close should any more children/staff have symptoms.
Staff will wash hands on arrival at nursery and frequently throughout the day.
Several times a day staff will clean surfaces such as taps and door handles with soapy water followed by an antibacterial spray. (more frequently as required)
Where possible staff will carry out social distancing measures. (Never at the risk of a child’s well-being)

All toys will be frequently washed with hot soapy water and disinfected (Sharing of toys will be limited wherever possible).
As far as possible soft furnishings and toys will not be used in the nursery
Events such as Open Day will be cancelled and external visits/expeditions will not run

The nursery will keep up to date with advice and directions from appropriate bodies and will amend practice and procedures accordingly.

What Parents Will Do
Parents will not bring children to nursery if they or someone in their household is unwell or experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus
Children and families will access testing if they have suspected symptoms and will follow procedures accordingly if diagnosed with COVID 19.
Parents will inform nursery immediately of any confirmed cases of Corona Virus

Parents will not come into the building without prior arrangement
Only one adult will drop off children
If possible, children will only use waterproof, wipeable bags to bring items into the nursery
Parents will avoid public transport as far as possible and children will walk/cycle to nursery
Ensure all children’s belongings are clearly labelled with their names and that all children have sufficient spare clothing
What Children Will Do
It is impossible to ask very young children to carry out social distancing measures but they will be supported to stay as safe at the nursery as possible.
Children will thoroughly wash hands on arrival at Nursery before playing or touching any toys.
Children will wash hands regularly throughout the day, especially before eating.
If a child becomes unwell with suspected Coronavirus they will be isolated with a familiar adult until they can be collected. This area will then be professionally cleaned before further use.

Regular sessions with a focus on hygiene, handwashing and spread of germs will take place to support children’s understanding. Songs games and stories will be used to support this.
Children will not bring any food or drink into the nursery (except for point below). They will not share food or drink.
Drink only from their own waterbottle

On Arrival:
When arriving at Nursery please try to keep your distance from others by forming a line along the pavement and standing 2 metres apart (a bit like when you visit the supermarket). Markings on the pavement will support this process, please do not gather in the nursery entrance way.
Children will be admitted to the nursery 1 at a time.
Please note that parents may be asked to attend at different times.
Morning Arrival

The Main door will be open between 8.45 – 9.30am. At this time please send your child through the nursery entrance to the adult on the door. They will then be supported by a staff member to hang up their things and to wash their hands before playing.
Parents are asked to wait in line, as in the morning, and children will be sent out to them one by one. Please stand at the entrance and your child will be sent out of the main classroom door to you.
Children will use the toilet and wash their hands before leaving.
To support transitions in these unusual circumstances please help us to keep the nursery entrance as clear by taking your buggies, pushchairs and scooters home with you after drop off.